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PL-1224/1632NC Series

PL-1224/1632NC Series

Features :

Optional Accessories :

  1. Balancing Stand
  2. Electromagnetic Chuck
  3. Auto. Demagnetizer
  4. Permanent Magnetic Chuck
  5. Digital Readout
  6. Spare Wheel Flange
  7. Dust Collector
  8. Radius Dressing Attachment
  9. Angle Dressing Attachment
  10. Parallel Dressing Attachment
  11. Coolant System W/Paper Filter
  12. Coolant System W/Magnet Separator & Paper Filter
  13. Combine Coolant & Dust Collector
  14. Manual Demagnetizer (For Permanent Chuck Use)

Specifications :

Description / Model PL-1224 PL-1632
Capacity Table Size 300 x 600 400 x 800
X-axis Stroke 600 800
Z-axis Stroke 300 400
Dist. Fr. Table to Spindle Center 370 370
Mag. Chuck Weight / Height 86/72 152/72
Max. Loading of Table (kgs) 800 1000
X-axis Manual Traverse 850 1050
Hydraulic Stroke 800 1000
Hydraulic Cylinder Spec. (NC type) Ø35 x Ø20 x 850 Ø35 x Ø20 x 1050
Main Pressure Source (kg/m²) 20
Hydraulic Pump Q (L/min) 28
Max. Table Speed 32 m/min
Servo Motor (kw) 1.8(CNC)
Y-axis Rapid Traverse Speed (m/min) 1.5
MPG per Graduation (mm) 0.1/0.01/0.001
Servo Motor (kw) 1.8
Z-axis Rapid Traverse Speed (m/min) 4
MPG per Graduation (mm) 0.1/0.01/0.001(CNC)
Servo Motor kw 1.2(CNC)
Wheelhead Grinding Wheel Size Ø355 x 50 x Ø127
Wheel Peripheral Speed (m/min) 2000
Spindle Motor (HP) 5
Spindle Speed (RPM) 1800
Coolant System Tank Volume (L) 140
Processing Volume (L/min) 60
Motor (HP) 1/4
Hydraulic System Tank Volume (L) 75
Motor HP 2(6P)
Lubrication System Tank Volume (L) 20
Motor HP 1/4(2P)
Dim & Weight Net Weight (Tons) 3.3/3.6 4.1/4.5
Packing Size (cm) 285 x 228 x 245 302 x 228 x 245

Remark: We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.

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