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Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate Responsibility

Supertec Machinery, Inc. is committed to the pursuit of competitiveness and profitability steady growth, reward shareholders, customers and take care of employees, but also did not forget the presence of corporate social responsibility, comply with the location in ethics, corporate governance, labor, health and safety and the environment prescribed by law and regulations.

Social Participation

Company founder Mr. Chu Kuo-Tsai (Charles) former chairman of the company's motto Mongolia is "taken from the community, giving back to society." For the principle of "Thanksgiving, cherish, enthusiasm, responsible for" the spirit of enterprise, in addition to outside the industry joined forces to operate, but also to take up corporate social responsibility to help solve social problems for the community into one effort.

Social Participation of Supertec Machinery Social Participation of Supertec Machinery

Best Workplace

  1. Personnel training:
    By functions establish a comprehensive system of personnel training, the development of core competencies, professional functions and management functions.
    Inventory explore human potential through internal staff to carry out series of nurturing activities, reserves future succession management team.
  2. Employee Engagement:
    Open communication channels, set the proposal prizes to encourage employees to explore issues for the company to provide suggestions for improvement.
  3. Industrial Safety and Health:
    Industrial safety and hygiene, there are cases of advocacy, material safety data, safety and health education, disaster prevention, etc.; also industrial safety case for staff reference, improve industrial safety and hygiene for more than helpful.
  4. Welfare system:
    In addition to my colleagues in law for each insured labor insurance, national health insurance, group insurance, and otherwise the travel insurance when traveling, so that my colleagues in the working period can be fully protected.
    Set staff restaurant, meet colleagues dietary needs.
  5. Child care:
    Our employees dependents kids (high school students) to provide summer jobs during summer reading and special care for young and resettlement.
Best Workplace of Supertec Machinery Best Workplace of Supertec Machinery

Customer Responsibilities

To provide high quality customized services to meet their demand; and to set up a total solution of before, during and after sales.

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