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G25A CNC Series

G25A CNC Series

Features :

Optional Accessories :

  1. Balance System
  2. Crash Control
  3. Gap Control
  4. Touch Probe
  5. Auto Sizing Device
  6. I.D Attachment (Variable)
  7. Shaft
  8. 5C Collet Closer
  9. 5C Collets
  10. 3 Jaw Scroll Chuck
  11. 4 Jaw Chuck
  12. 4 Jaw Scroll Chuck
  13. Fixed Back Plate
  14. Adjustable Back Plate
  15. 2-Point Steady Rest
  16. 3-Point Steady Rest
  17. Z-Axis Digital Readout
  18. Spare Grinding Wheel
  19. Spare Wheel Flange
  20. Lube Oil Temperature Regulator
  21. Oil-Mist Separator
  22. Full-Enclosure Splash Guard

Specifications :

Description / Model G25A-35CNC
General Capacity Swing over Tabel (mm) Ø250
Distance between Centers (mm) 350
Max. Grinding Diameter (mm) Ø250
Max. Load Held between Cenetrs (kg) 80
Grinding Wheel Diameter x Width x Bore (mm) Ø455 x 50 x Ø127
Wheel Speed (rpm) 1650
Max. peripheral Speed (M/min) 1800
Wheelhead Sliding Angle Deg 60°
Max. increment Speed (M/min) 4
Infeed Travel (mm) 160
Min. Increment Infeed (mm) Ø0.001
Workhead Spindle Speed (Variable) (rpm) 50~500
Center Taper (MT) MT 3
Spindle Type  Fixed & Rottary
Diameter of Bore (mm) Ø20
Tailstock Quill Travel (mm) 25
Center Taper (MT) MT 3
Table Rapid Feedrate (M/min) 8
Min. Increment Feed (mm) 0.001
Swivelling Angle C.C.W
Motor Wheel Spindle Motor (HP) 7.5
Workhead Motor (HP) 1/2
Lubrication Pump (HP) 1/4
Hydraulic Pump (HP) 1
Coolant Pump (HP) 1/8
Wheel (X-axis) Motor KW(Fanuc) 1.2
Wheel (Z-axis) Motor KW(Fanuc) 1.2
Machine Net Weight (semi enclosed) (kg) 3100
Cross Weight (kg) 3500
Packing Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 2970 x 2250 x 2250

Remark: We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.

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