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G20P/G25P CNC Series

G20P/G25P CNC Series

Video of G25P-50/CNC(I) : G25P-50/CNC(I)
Video of G25P-50/CNC(II) : G25P-50/CNC(II)

The Supertec series of CNC cylindrical grinding machines have been designed for ease of operation while continuing to be some of the most machines in their class. These grinding machines offer solutions that satisfy the user's need for a wide variety of applications including toolroom or production environments. Models are available in many capacities between centers, center heights, and a choice of straight wheelhead or angular slide wheelhead. These cylindrical grinders utilize either the Fanuc control or other controllers that support a slide selection of highly-automated options.

Features :

Optional Accessories :

  1. Oil-Mist Separator
  2. Crash Control
  3. Gap Control
  4. Touch Probe
  5. Adjustable Back Plate
  6. I.D Attachment(Variable)
  7. Lube Oil Temperature Regulator
  8. Grinding Wheel
  9. 5C Collets
  10. 3 Jaw Scroll Chuck
  11. 4 Jaw Chuck
  12. 4 Jaw Scroll Chuck
  13. Fixed Back Plate
  14. Auto Sizing Device
  15. 2-Point Steady Rest
  16. 3-Point Steady Rest
  17. Z-Axis Digital Readout
  18. Spare Grinding Wheel
  19. Spare Wheel Flange
  20. Shaft
  21. Balance System

Application :

G20P-50CNC's Application

  • Application of G20P-50CNC
  • Application of G20P-50CNC
  • Application of G20P-50CNC
  • Application of G20P-50CNC

G25P-50CNC's Application

  • Application of G25P-50CNC
  • Application of G25P-50CNC
  • Application of G25P-50CNC
  • Application of G25P-50CNC
  • Application of G25P-50CNC
  • Application of G25P-50CNC

Specifications :

Description / Model G20P / G25P-50CNC
General Capacity Swing over Tabel (mm) Ø200 Ø250
Distance between Centers (mm) 500
Max. Grinding Diameter (mm) Ø200 Ø250
Max. Load Held between Cenetrs (kg) 80
Grinding Wheel Diameter x Width x Bore (mm) Ø355 x 38 x Ø127 Ø405 x 50 x Ø127
Wheel Speed (rpm) 1940 1650
Max.peripheral speed (M/min) 1800
Wheelhead Sliding Angle Deg 90°
Max. increment Speed (M/min) 4
Infeed Travel (mm) 150 160
Min. Increment Infeed (mm) Ø0.001
Workhead Spindle Speed (Variable) (rpm) 50~500
Center Taper (MT) MT 3
Spindle Type Fixed & Rotary
Diameter of Bore (mm) Ø20
Tailstock Quill Travel (mm) 25
Center Taper (MT) MT 3
Table Rapid Feedrate (M/min) 8
Min. Increment Feed (mm) 0.001
Swivelling Angle C.C.W
Motor Wheel Spindle Motor (HP) 5 HP 5HP (Opt. 7.5HP)
Workhead Motor(HP) 1/2 HP
Lubrication Pump (HP) 1/4HP
Hydraulic Pump (HP) 1
Coolant Pump (HP) 1/8 HP 1/4HP
Wheel (X-axis) Motor KW (Fanuc) 1.2 KW
Wheel (Z-axis) Motor KW (Fanuc) 1.2 KW
Machine Net Weight (semienclosed) (kg) 2500 3100
Cross Weight (kg) 2800 3500
Packing Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 2700 x 2250 x 2220 2970 x 2250 x 2250

Remark: We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.

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